Symposium The Art of Mobile Experience


Symposium 12.11.2004



Date: Friday, November 12th 2004, 14 h
Location: Maximiliansforum, Munich, Germany

Organised by XINOBER

in co-operation with the Department of Culture, City of Munich,
and the Centre of Art and Media Technology (ZKM), Karlsruhe
The Art of Mobile Experience.

In February 2004 XINOBER organised a    conference  presenting various projects which dealed with location based applications.

In November 2004 another conference will take place in Munich, dealing with site specific, social, and dramaturgical aspects of loacation based and mobile applications.

The symposium focuses on two subjects:
1. The contextual relationships of mobile applications. The aim is to get hints to successfully develop content and form of mobile applications.

2. The impact of mobile data communication on the locations where mobile communication is done.

Further problems to be dealt with are:
• How life in the city is changed when people not only are shopping anonymously but generate virtual communicating communities or other communities?
• How perception of the city is changed by providing multi-dimensional information for any site/spot in the city through mobile media?
• How this background information should interplay with reality to deliver a new type of experience?

To deal adequately with these subjects we propose to hold to a supposed by-pass which – in our opinion - nonetheless leads to the objective: the manifold world of art.

It is known from painting that an object of art changes its appeal in relation to the context it is presented in. On the other hand the context is changed by the object. Since the sixties of the last century site spe-cific art played an important role in the artistic world. Today most artists are interested in the relation of the real place with its virtual infiltration.

There is an analogous development in technology. After telephone, TV and internet are established in offices and living rooms, now these media step out onto the streets where they are permanent company for us, supported by smart phone or PDA. Ubiquitous computing and always on obscure the fringes of real and virtual world(s).

The design of the symposium will resemble artistic, site specific, and mobility aspects too. It should combine expert talks with public talks. In the first part of the conference experts from art, technology, and economy will present their points of view and discuss various aspects of the matter. This part will take place behind projection walls in the inner area of the Maximiliansforum. The public is enabled to inform itself about the discussion by electronic text streamers. At the same time presentations of exemplary mobile art performances will be shown publicly.

At the second part of the conference not only the experts will participate but the public is invited too: together they will discuss the future role of mobile applications. Here is the place to present a project of mobile communication which is to be realised at the site of the Maximiliansforum in the next year. The „Kulturtankstelle“ (culture gas station) will extend the exhibition area of Maximiliansforum into the city.